November 1, 2013

With 70% of the project complete, the areas in eastern Sarasota county as well as the south eastern portions of Manatee county are now enjoying this powerful technology. Demand for this Fiber To The Home technology is exceeding our expectations because it is far superior to the other alternatives such as satellite or wireless.

August 4, 2010


Myakka Communications, Inc, a sister company to Myakka Technologies, Inc, has been awarded a $7.8 million federal grant/loan to deploy 150 miles of fiber optic cabling through-out most of the eastern portion of Manatee County and the north-eastern portion of Sarasota County. The award, which is a 75/25 grant/loan, is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and falls under the USDA's Rural Utilities Service (RUS) department with the designation Broadband Initiatives Program (BIP). Congress appropriated $7.2 billion "to expand broadband access to unserved and underserved communities across the U.S, increase jobs, spur investments in technology and infrastructure and provide long term economic benefits." Myakka Technologies, Inc will provide financial, technical, and administrative support for the new company for the first 3 years and will transfer its current customer base to Myakka Communications as the fiber is deployed in their area.

"This grant is one the biggest events for this area in the last decade and will give residents in these rural areas Internet connections that would not be available out here for many years, if ever, due to the low population density" stated Charles Matson, president of Myakka Communications. He went on to say, "We put a big investment in the area over the last 9 years and the communities gave us their overwhelming support, but that pales in comparison to this investment from both the government and Myakka Technologies."

Fiber is the technology of the future. The project will be completed in sections over a 3 year period and will bring fiber capable of 1000 Megabits per second (Mbps), or one Gigabit, to each home along the path. This far exceeds the FCC's goal of "100 Megabits by 2020". Residential plans will offer speeds starting at 5 Mbps with other plans available up to 20 Mbps. Higher plans will be available as technology advancements continue to push the need for higher speeds. Internet and phone service will be initially offered. TV is expected to be offered after the system is completed.

"Our kids attend middle and high school with kids from the more urban area of the county and are at quite a disadvantage if they do not have access to the same fast Internet connections. Most assignments are Internet based and the faster your Internet connection, the faster and more in-depth you can do your assignments" said Mark Ackaway VP of Myakka Technologies.

"We have a much higher unemployment rate than the rest of the country. This shovel ready project will provide much needed jobs to local contractors and with these Internet speeds, customers can research available jobs, retrain for jobs in different fields or take college courses online with streaming video" said John Matson VP of Myakka Technologies. The main goal of the national program is to focus on the rural areas of the country. While there are some subdivisions in this project's 400 sq mile area, there is not one stoplight or major grocery store. It has two gas stations and a post office. At no place in the proposed service area can you have a pizza delivered. The area's only health care facility is a county health clinic operated out of a double-wide trailer. The last single teacher school (a.k.a. one room schoolhouse) in the state of Florida is located in the service area. It is rural!

Background on Myakka Technologies, Inc
Incorporated in 2001, this family owned and operated company has used the slogan "Broadband to the Boonies" to signify its customer base. It is the current Wireless Internet Service Provider to Eastern Manatee and Sarasota Counties. These are the traditionally overlooked areas of the counties that are not attractive to the phone or the cable companies due to their low population density. Therefore there is no cable, FIOS, or DSL available. Myakka Technologies does not serve any urban areas.

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