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Open Internet Disclosure Statement


Myakka Communications, Inc. (“we” or “our”) provides the following disclosure statement regarding our network management practices, the performance and commercial terms of our broadband Internet access service. This disclosure is provided to all 1) customers to make informed choices regarding their use of our services and to 2) content, application, service and device providers to develop, market and maintain Internet offerings.


Our Service and Performance


We use a variety of technologies to deliver broadband Internet access service via fiber to customers.


Based on internal testing, a user’s expected and actual access speed and latency will vary based on network conditions, congestion, other users on the network, the number of devices attached to an access point and other factors.  Maximum speeds will be limited by such factors and in accordance with our congestion management practices as described below. When we install a customer’s system, we do a speed test.  Our expected latency is less than 80 milliseconds (depending on customer location) and often much less. Expected access speed is at least 70% of the top end of the plan rate, but actual speed varies based on congestion, dynamic usage and related factors.


Congestion Management Practices


Providing quality broadband service requires that we take steps to provide reasonable management of our network(s). Subject to reasonable network management, we do not block lawful content, applications, services or non-harmful devices, nor do we unreasonably discriminate in transmitting lawful network traffic over a consumer’s broadband Internet access subject to our reasonable network management.


At present, except as described herein, we have no practices designed to reduce or eliminate congestion on our networks. Our pricing structure contemplates specific limits on monthly data uploads and downloads, as described in the section entitled “Commercial Terms.”  Multiple users share upstream and downstream bandwidth on our networks. We reserve the right in the future to apply congestion management techniques when users place a disproportionate demand on our network, thus potentially degrading the experience of other users.  If we adopt such congestion management techniques, we will modify this disclosure statement accordingly.


On a limited basis, we address application-specific behavior in our network practices. For example, we block the following ports for the purpose of controlling spam and/or protecting network users from potentially malicious content. For example, we block SMTP 25, which some infected computers use to send unsolicited emails to random users on the Internet.  We also block other industry standard ports to address potential network vulnerabilities, such as NETBIOS, Port 137-139, and Port 445. We generally don’t afford priority to specific applications or classes of applications, with the exception of virtual private networks (“VPNs.”) In our networks, VPNs are afforded the highest priority due to the need to ensure low latency and network integrity for these services.


We have no restrictions on the types of devices or any approval procedures for devices to connect to our network. We reserve the right, however, to contact a user if abnormal traffic uses their devices.


We take seriously our commitment to security of our network and of service to end users. To advance this goal, we engage in practices used to facilitate such security. We password protect and lock our company’s internal servers and internal computers.  We recommend specific antivirus programs for users and password protection for routers that customers add to our networks. We prohibit the use of our networks for hacking, unsolicited bulk email, bulk commercial email, transmission of unlawful content and other violations of our Acceptable Use Policy.


Commercial Terms


Information about our pricing terms is available here: www.myakka.com/pricing.html . Our residential plans include unlimited usage of the Internet. However, after a usage threshold is exceeded, we reserve the right to slow down access speeds. Current thresholds are as follows, Standard: 40GB, Enhanced: 125GB, Entertainment: 250GB, Prime: 600GB, Supreme: 1200GB. Once the threshold is exceeded, access speed may by reduced up to 60% of plan’s advertised speed. Usage is based on calendar month. We help our customers’ ability to monitor their data usage by making available a webpage that is updated every five minutes that gives a breakdown of data totals for the current month, the previous month, or daily for those two months. Users also may give us a valid email address, and when they reach 80% of their threshold, they receive a daily email.  Our robust fiber service is suitable for all real-time Internet applications.


We offer services on a one year contract, and from the time the contract is signed, the cancellation fee is the balance of the contract. See our pricing page for more information about our pricing.


Our service involves the inspection of network traffic to a limited extent necessary to compile data for metering traffic and only for network management purposes.  We don’t inspect the content of our customers’ uploads or downloads, except at their request.  Traffic information is temporarily stored, but we don’t access this information unless specifically requested by the customer of record.  This information is not provided to third parties except as provided by law.


If you have questions or complaints about our service, contact our customer service staff by phone or email. Our procedure for handling questions or complaints is to handle inquiries on a case-by-cases basis toward informal resolution.  We reserve the right to move toward a more formal customer resolution mechanism as our service expands.


We reserve the right to make changes to our Open Internet policies. These changes will take effect when posted on our website. 


Last modified: Janurary 1, 2018



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