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                                                                        TO ORDER PHONE SERVICE

              Simply send John Matson an email with the following information. John's email address is:



  • How would you like to be listed in the phone book?

         (First and last name or first and last plus address or unlisted for no extra charge?)

  • What is your physical address? This is required for 911 purposes.

  • *If you're transferring your old phone number over to Myakka Communications, we will need to know your phone number and account number.

  • When you call someone, what would you like them see as your call ID?

              (By default it will show as the name on your Myakka Communications account)

  • Does your home alarm need to use the phone line?

  • Are you going to be using cordless phones only or would you like to use the house wiring?

  • We now offer a inside wiring program for only $5.95 per month. Please, let us know if you require this service.

  • Please note, we are unable to offer phone service to ANY out buildings. For example; barns, detached garages, or any other separated building on the property. 

  • Please see the footer of this page for the phone service terms of service and all other phone documents.