Residential Pricing Schedule  



program - UP/DOWN(MBPS)

  *Standard ($49.95**)  -  10/10

  *Enhanced ($74.95**)  -  25/25

  *Entertainment ($99.95**)  -  50/50

  *Prime ($124.95**)  -  75/75

  *Supreme ($149.95**)  -  100/100

  *EXTREME ($199.95**) - 250/250

 **=Plus $5.00 equipment rental, plus applicable federal, state and local taxes

  *=There is a usage threshold on all the plans as follows:

  (Once this threshold is exceeded, speeds may be reduced)

  Standard:                    50GB

  Enhanced:                 200GB

  Entertainment:        500GB

  Prime:                        1000GB

  Supreme:                  2000GB

  Extreme:                   3000GB

  Business/Corporate plans are available, please call for details


  Connection Fees


  ***Standard  new connection fee             $850.00***

      Temporary Construction Discount    (-$500.00)



  **** Standard Transfer Fee                          $85.00**** 


***= Standard connection: includes installing on one outside facing wall.

****= Standard Transfer: includes reprograming of an existing connected building.


 Any attic work or fishing cable though walls will be billed at our standard hourly rate.

 An additional $0.50 per foot charge will be added for fiber runs greater than 500 ft. from the street to the house under the basic and standard programs, 1200 ft. for the Enhanced Plan and 2000 ft. for the Entertainment Plan.

Residential phone service is also available and can be provided for an additional $29.95 per month, plus taxes and government fees, with features like long distance, call waiting, caller ID and call forwarding included.