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Please note, we are unable to offer phone service to ANY out buildings. For example; barns, detached garages, or any other separated building on the property. 

We also ask that you review our policies and phone service terms listed under the ‘Resources’ section below.

Customer Resources

Residential Resources

Phone Terms

View our subscription terms & agreement.

Phone Manual

Residential Voice Subscriber Guide

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Quick Reference Guide for Voice Subscriptions

Business Resources

Phone Terms

View subscription terms & agreement.

Phone Manual

Guide for Business Phone Services and Equipment.

Phone Contract

View the phone contract for business phone services.


We advise customers review our disclosures.

Enhanced 911 (E911) service delivers address-specific (versus phone number-only) call-back information to public service answering points (PSAPs) whenever someone makes an emergency call. This enables emergency personnel to be dispatched to the scene even if the caller is unable to speak or if the call is suddenly disconnected. 

Myakka Communications’s E911 service – SUBJECT TO THE LIMITATIONS DESCRIBED BELOW – automatically routes emergency calls to dispatch operators at local PSAPs. 

The FCC Mandate

On June 3rd 2005, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandated that all Internet phone service providers interconnected to the public switched telephone network offer E911 as a standard element of their residential and business offerings. 

The FCC has also required Internet phone service providers to inform subscribers that, under certain circumstances, when 911 is dialed from a phone connected to an Internet phone service, E911 service may not be available, or the E911 service may be in some way be limited by comparison to traditional E911 service. 


These circumstances include:

  1. When the location of your Myakka Communications ATA device is at a physical address other than the one you listed when you activated your account.
  2. When a subscriber’s broadband phone device fails or is not configured properly.
  3. When there is an electrical power outage, service outage or suspension/disconnection of Myakka Communications service due to billing or other issues.
  4. When there is a delay in the provision of Myakka Communications service (“dial tone”) at the physical address provided at the time of account activation.
  5. When a change of address has been reported, but not yet been updated on the Myakka Communications account.
  6. When the local PSAP receiving Myakka Communications E911 emergency service calls does not have a system configured for E911 services that enables the operator to capture and/or retain automatic number or location information.
  7. When due to technical factors in network design and/or in the event of network congestion on the Myakka Communications network, a Myakka Communications E911 call may produce a busy signal or experience unexpected answering wait times and/or take longer to answer than 911 calls placed via traditional telephone networks.

Myakka Communications is committed to meeting the demands of our subscribers for E911 as well as the FCC’s requirements with the same diligence and seriousness with which we have always approached this important telecommunications issue. 

Please see our terms of service for additional information on our E911 dialing.

Annual FCC Telephone Battery Backup Disclosure

All modern Internet based telephone services (VoIP) will not operate without power.  This includes our fiber optic system as well as all the cable companies’ VoIP phone systems.  Today, all electronic components associated with your telephone line now require battery backup, or they will stop operation during a power outage.  This includes both our fiber ONT (modem) and your cordless phones base stations.


POWER LOSS It is very important to understand if any equipment loses power, our telephone services will not work, including 911 and any home, security, or medical monitoring that rely on said telephone service.


EQUIPMENT Myakka Communications includes a dedicated battery backup for our ONT with every install.  The standard unit will supply up to 8 hours of battery backup time depending on the age of the battery.  This time can be increased via a feature called power shedding.  Power shedding allows us to divert all the battery power to the phone lines but will disable your internet to give you maximum battery life for voice only.  If you want more information about this feature or want it enabled, please give us a call.

Myakka Communications also makes available a larger battery backup unit that will supply power for up to 24 hours.  This unit is available for a $150 installation charge plus $9.95/month.  If you want more information about this unit, please give us a call.

It is the customers responsibility to insure their equipment, such as a cordless phone base, has appropriate battery backup.

Myakka Communications also recommends that you change the battery in the standard backup units at least every two years for maximum run life during power outages. 

It is the customers responsibility to inform Myakka Communications of any nonfunctioning units or units in an alarm state (red light).

Myakka Communications will replace any defective battery backup units; however it is the customers responsibility to replace depleted batteries or damaged battery backup units.


BUSINESS Customers using our Polycom VoIP phones The VoIP phones require power to each phone in order to work.  If the phones are connected to a PoE switch, the switch needs to have a battery backup in place large enough to provide power to all the phones.  Some phones may be powered by individual power supplies.  These power supplies will also need to be plugged into a battery backup system to operate during a power outage.  Since every business customer is unique regarding office layout and number of devices, we recommend you contact us for a custom quote depending on your backup needs. 


TESTING If you have telephone battery backup on your home telephone line, the most rigorous test you can perform is to turn off the main breaker and test making calls to your cell phone. If all your equipment is localized to a single room, you can turn off the breakers to that room.  Testing by unplugging your battery backup units from the wall, or by turning off a single breaker, will test that the batteries are functioning, but will not uncover if someone has added a critical network component that is not properly on battery backup outside of that area.


Please contact us at 941-322-2916 or at batteryinfo@mailmt.com with any questions or to purchase replacement batteries.

International Rate Deck

Effective: February 1, 2019

  • Rates per minute, 6-second intervals, 30 seconds minimum
  • If no Cellular Rate exists, Cellular calls rated the same as Landline.
  • NGN is non-geographic numbers
  • Please call for countries that are not listed.


Country                Landline / Mobile

Argentina             $0.03 / 0.21            


Australia               $0.03 / 0.11

Austria                 $0.05 / 0.49

Belgium               $0.10 / 0.52

Belize                  $0.32 / 0.32


Bolivia                 $0.23 / 0.20

Brazil                   $0.03 / 0.24

China                    $0.04 / 0.04


Colombia              $0.17 / 0.14

Costa Rica            $0.05 / 0.07

Cyprus                   $0.08 / 0.15

Czech Republic     $0.03 / 0.09

Denmark                $0.03 / 0.10

Dominican             $0.05 / 0.16


Ecuador                  $0.13 / 0.19

El Salvador             $0.17 / 0.21

Falkland Islands     $2.71

Fiji                            $0.33 / 0.33

Finland                    $0.10 / 0.44

France                    $0.03 / 0.42

French Antilles/

Martinique              $0.06 / 0.48

French Guiana       $0.10 / 0.41

Germany                $0.03  / 0.38


Gibraltar                 $0.06 / 0.27


Greece                   $0.03 / 0.33

Guadeloupe           $0.06 / 0.29

Guatemala              $0.20 / 0.20

Honduras                $0.16 / 0.24

Hong Kong              $0.03 / 0.03

Hungary                   $0.06 / 0.12

Iceland                    $0.03 / 0.06


India                         $0.05 / 0.05

Indonesia                 $0.07 / 0.07

Ireland                     $0.03 / 0.30

Israel                        $0.03 / 0.21

Italy                          $0.03 / 0.51

Japan                       $0.03 / 0.10

Kosovo                     $0.55 / 0.55

Laos                          $0.07 / 0.07

Luxembourg             $0.06 / 0.30

Malaysia                   $0.07 / 0.07

Malta                         $0.11 / 0.27

Mexico                      $0.04 / 0.05

Myanmar                  $0.35 / 0.35

Nepal                       $0.18 / 0.18


Antilles                     $0.15 / 0.15

Netherlands             $0.05 / 0.26


New Zealand           $0.03 / 0.29

Nicaragua                $0.13 / 0.22

Norway                    $0.03 / 0.21

Palau                        $0.37


Authority                  $0.25 / 0.25

Panama                    $0.06 / 0.12

Paraguay                  $0.09 / 0.20

Peru                          $0.15 / 0.17

Philippines                $0.12 / 0.15

Poland                       $0.05 / 0.13


Portugal                    $0.03 / 0.19

Romania                    $0.03 / 0.27

Russia                         $0.19 / 0.54

San Marino                $0.04 / 0.23


Singapore                  $0.07 / 0.07

South Korea               $0.03 / 0.03

South Sudan              $0.83           


Spain                           $0.03 / 0.27

Sweden                       $0.03 / 0.03

Switzerland                 $0.03 / 0.50

Thailand                      $0.04 / 0.06

Turkey                         $0.07 / 0.28


United Arab

Emirates                      $0.15 / 0.25

United Kingdom         $0.03 / 0.35

Uruguay                      $0.08 / 0.23

Vanuatu                      $4.40             

Vatican City                $0.03

Venezuela                  $0.06 / 0.12

Vietnam                      $0.07 / 0.07

Wallis and Futuna

Islands                         $3.20